Brand-name, Affordable Protection In America’s Most Populous State

California boasts some of America’s most famous landmarks, and its economy is one of the largest in the world. With over 39 million residents, it’s also the most-populous state by far.

Every Californian needs a place to live, and most need a vehicle. Still, it’s costly to maintain these assets. California has one of America’s most expensive real estate markets, and is home to some of the largest road systems in the country. It’s critical that residents protect their personal assets from unexpected hazards. That means getting insurance.

With the help of 1-800 Car Insurance, you can get the coverage you need to stay protected. Call us at 1-800 Car Insurance or request a quote online to get started.

Auto Insurance Options

Cars have value. So do their drivers, passengers and others on the road. Whether you’re hitting the Pacific Coast Highway or Interstate 40, have car insurance to back you up.

  • All our policies will contain California’s liability insurance requirements. This coverage will pay for losses you cause others if an accident is your fault.
  • Whether lightning strikes your car, or you have a wreck, we can ensure you receive help with repair. Collision, comprehensive and other types of coverage can assist with these losses

Home Insurance Options

Buying and maintaining a home costs a lot of money over the years. Therefore, insuring your home and belongings equals more financial security.

  • With coverage, you can afford to repair possessions or rebuild the home following a damaging incident.
  • You can also get liability protection in case a third party blames you for injuries or damage they sustain on your property.

Why You Need Insurance

Most of us don’t have unlimited money for home and vehicle upkeep. So, when problems strike, there’s a good chance we might worry about paying for resulting losses. Tailored automobile or home coverage can provide funds that help you pay for the damage you can’t anticipate. With the right coverage, you can set your worries aside.

You’ll need your coverage to target your unique assets with specialized protection. Let your insurance agent guide you through the policy selection process. They’ll make sure you have appropriate security.

Get Your Policy Now

California residents, don’t wait to get covered. Contact 1-800 Car Insurance today, and we’ll help you get the right home and auto insurance. As an independent agency, we can compare policies from the widest range of insurance providers, and we guarantee that your policy will always meet your specific needs. Get started now!

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