Los Angeles — L.A., the City of Angels. It’s a commercial hub and a center of media and the arts. Yet, with opportunity comes population. LA is America’s second-largest urban area and a mega-region. There’s so much to see, do and experience.

It takes work to establish a life in L.A., and once you get started, you must keep up with the pace. By protecting your personal assets, you can support everything you’ve worked to build. Targeted lines of insurance are among the most vital ways to safeguard the important things in your life. 1-800 Car Insurance can bring personalized insurance services right to your neighborhood.

Auto Insurance For All California Drivers

The Los Angeles freeway system is one of the most dangerous and congested in America. If something happens to you while driving, a significant financial loss might result from vehicle damage, medical costs, lawsuits and more. With auto insurance, you can get assistance paying for some of these losses.

You need this coverage. It’s critical protection for some of the most frightening setbacks you can experience. Still, your car, driving risks and finances are different from almost anyone else’s. Therefore, your car insurance should address those characteristics very specifically. One of our agents can help you enroll in a policy that contains:

  • Collision Coverage: If you damage your car in a wreck, this coverage can pay for repairs.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Car damage resulting from incidents other than accidents, such as weather or vandalism, can be covered under this policy element.
  • Liability Insurance: This coverage helps you pay for losses to another person’s vehicle or property if you cause the damage. Arizona law requires you to carry:
    • $15,000 bodily injury liability for one person.
    • $30,000 bodily injury liability for two or more people.
    • $10,000 property damage liability coverage.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): This coverage pays for your injuries, or the injuries of passengers, regardless of who causes the accident.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Protection: If another driver causes an accident, but lacks adequate liability coverage, you might still need coverage to pay for your losses. This coverage can pay for your expenses without penalizing you for fault in the accident.

It’s critical to get targeted coverage for your car’s value and your personal needs. We’ll help you set limits that provide thorough protection. Still, the coverage will remain friendly to your checkbook.

Homeowners Insurance And Property Coverage

Setting up home insurance means taking a close look at the value of your property and possessions. 1-800 Car Insurance will make sure the coverage you choose includes adequate financial cushion. We’ll help you expand your policy limits to cover even your most unique belongings. Your policy can contain:

  • Structure Coverage: This coverage pays for damage to the home from unpreventable incidents, such as storms or fires. Protection can extend to the house and other buildings on the property.
  • Possessions Insurance: This coverage handles losses to your personal belongings.
  • Liability Coverage: If someone gets hurt on your property, or if you damage an item belonging to them, this coverage can pay towards their losses.
  • Expenses Protection: Home damage might force you to move out during repairs. This coverage can help you pay living expenses during this time.

Setting up your coverage means taking a close look at the value of your property and possessions. We’ll help you expand and increase your policy limits to cover even your most specialized belongings.

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